The Truth about Root Canals

Root canals have a bad reputation as some sort of scary procedure that involves a lot of pain, but that could not be further from the truth. The reality is, root canals are actually a painless procedure that does not […] Continue Reading

What Materials are used to Make Dentures?

Before the invention of dentures, people would often replace missing teeth with other human and animal teeth, or bone fragments. False teeth have even been made from lead in the past; quite toxic to humans. George Washington, for example, had […] Continue Reading

Can you Drink Water After you Brush your Teeth?

You might find yourself wondering if it is okay to drink water after you brush your teeth. It a rather common question since many people find themselves drinking water or other beverages shortly after brushing.Look…The answer to the question is […] Continue Reading

Understanding Cosmetic Dentistry Options Before Your Dental Visit

Thanks to breakthroughs in dental technology, cosmetic dentistry now gives oral professionals all the tools they need to address a wide range of oral health issues. There is no smile too misaligned or badly damaged that a cosmetic dentist cannot […] Continue Reading

Tips to Avoid Going to the Dentist for an Emergency

Ever had a dental emergency? Did you know what to do? Knowing what to do when faced with any type of emergency can make a huge difference to the outcome. While some people are a natural when it comes to […] Continue Reading

5 Tips To Clean Dentures

When someone is in need of minor tooth repair dental bonding is often recommended as dental bonding can easily repair most chipped teeth and cracked teeth problems. It can also be used to change the shape of the teeth as […] Continue Reading

5 Ways To Prepare for Your Next Dental Exam

Is it time for your next dental exam? Looking forward to going to the dentist office? While many people actually do not mind going to see their dentist for their regular dental exams, there are others who would rather skip […] Continue Reading

How to Keep Up Healthy Dental Hygiene

Healthy dental hygiene involves more than visiting the dentist every six months.  Studies show the health of teeth and gums mirrors general body health.  If your mouth is healthy, there is a good chance your body will also be healthy. […] Continue Reading

Common Dental Questions We Hear on a Regular Basis

Your upcoming visit to the dentist is a fantastic opportunity to pose those dental questions you have been pondering these past six months.  Perhaps you have dental questions about your nightly oral hygiene routine, the best toothpaste for your mouth, […] Continue Reading

What To Do When Your Dental Crown Falls Out

If your dental crown has fallen out, try to stay calm.  It is perfectly normal for an aged crown or filling to fall out or break.  In certain instances, dental crowns fall out due to underlying decay.  Decay destroys a […] Continue Reading