5 Tips To Clean Dentures

Posted on: March 16, 2018

Dental BondingWhen someone is in need of minor tooth repair dental bonding is often recommended as dental bonding can easily repair most chipped teeth and cracked teeth problems. It can also be used to change the shape of the teeth as well as reduce any gaps in between the teeth. If someone’s teeth are discolored it can be used to improve the appearance and can also be used for fillings. There are many dental techniques utilized today and dental bonding is one of the more versatile options available for fixing broken teeth.

The reason it is called dental bonding is because the material used is able to chemically bond with teeth.

Why dental composite bonding?

Dental bonding is a great choice for those who have a minor tooth issue and are looking for the simplest yet best way to repair. For example, if someone has a small chip in their tooth, when dental bonding is used they can have their chipped tooth completely repaired and looking like brand new in only one dentist appointment. Another example of how dental bonding can help is by closing the gap many people have in between their teeth, especially the front teeth. Those who are self-conscious about their gaps can choose dental bonding in order to narrow or even close the gap.

Dental bonding process

The entire bonding process takes less than an hour to complete each tooth. There is no need for the patient to do anything but make an appointment for dental bonding as there is no special preparation necessary. Anesthesia is usually only needed if the dental bonding is being used to fill a tooth that has decayed in order to address any nearby nerves. The dentist will choose a bonding color that matches the patient’s teeth making it hard to tell that anything was ever done to the tooth.

When applying the bonding to a tooth, which is similar to clay, the dentist will first make the tooth rough so that the bonding material will stick. The bonding is then carefully applied to the tooth and when it is in its perfect and desired shape the dentist will then use a special laser to harden the bonding material. Any additional cosmetic adjustments that need to be made will be done at this time. The last step is to polish the tooth.

Is dental bonding strong?

Yes, dental bonding is strong. It is made from a composite resin that is able to chemically bond with the teeth, which not only makes it strong it also makes it very stable. While dental bonding is indeed strong it is meant only to treat minor tooth repairs and accordingly is not recommended for major tooth repairs. Because dental bonding is so versatile and can be used to repair a wide variety of minor dental issues dentists often recommend this dental treatment as the best option when it comes to dental treatments and tooth restorations.

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