5 Tips To Stop Your Favorite Drinks From Staining Your Teeth

Why Do Teeth Get Stains?

Drinks such as acidic juices, alcoholic beverages, colas, coffee, tea and highly pigmented foods are the reason why your teeth lose their sparkle. The natural color of your teeth is light yellow, but it fades or darkens as you age due to cracks in enamel or exposed dentin.  

In both conditions, your teeth start absorbing food color that penetrates into the surface and leaves dark, unpleasant stains on them.  Also, certain medication-particularly antibiotics also stain teeth, which latch on the tooth plaque, allowing tartar to build up.

However, the good news is that all these stains are preventable if you follow a few simple tips before and after drinking your favorite beverage.

Tips To Avoid Stains

If possible avoid these stain makers:

  • Soda
  • Beets
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Coffee or Tea
  • Red wine
  • Blueberries
  • Cranberry or grape juice

Of course, we know how hard it is to resist your favorite drink; here are some useful tips to enjoy them.

Use A Straw To Drink

Although this idea does not entirely prevent the stains, it protects your teeth from stain-makers to some extent.  Using a straw to drink liquid will keep your front teeth protected from the fluid being directly exposed to them.

Use An Antibacterial Mouthwash To Brush And Floss

Rinsing, brushing, and flossing is three steps that are crucial for strengthening your teeth and fighting against plaque and tartar. Both plaque and tartar make a hard surface and give your teeth a sticky texture that the stains permanently attach themselves to.  

Go For Professional Teeth Cleaning Treatment

Your dentist has a solution to your all oral health problems. Professional teeth cleaning treatment is a convenient way to remove all the unpleasant stains that are ruining your bright smile. Take that treatment at least twice a year for a beautiful, bright, and healthy smile.

Use An Electric Toothbrush

Switching to an electric toothbrush can be an effective way of cleaning and removing stubborn stains of liquids. These toothbrushes are specially designed for plaque removal and help you keep your teeth pearl white.

Drink Water After Drinking Stain-Maker

No matter what teeth-staining drink you are enjoying, always keep a glass full of water along with it.  Once your beverage is finished, swish thoroughly with water and swallow it.

The tip is not only easy and simple but also extremely useful when it comes to saving teeth from damages and stains. It flushes out the staining compound and lets you enjoy your drink without having to worry about stains and marks.

Briefly, having a bright and confident smile is not a big deal with all these natural and practical tips.  Try to incorporate them into your daily oral hygiene regimen and see the long-term effects.

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