6 Month Smile – Short Term Teeth Straightening

Posted on: November 2, 2017

StraighteningIf you are on the prowl for teeth straightening options, 6-month smiles is worth consideration. This system makes use of braces that are fairly similar to those used by orthodontists in terms of quality, function and price. However, 6-month smiles is geared more toward the short-term.

About 6-Month Smiles

This treatment is a bracket and wire orthodontic correction that straightens the front upper teeth along with the lower teeth. 6-month smiles rely on tooth-colored wires consisting of nickel-titanium and clear brackets to correct crooked teeth. Treatment time ultimately varies on each patient’s unique misalignment problems. The advantage of 6-month smiles is the short treatment time.

If a patient does not want to have to wear braces for more than half a year, this product is the right choice. While there are no significant advantages to wearing the regular braces, 6 month smiles braces achieve the same orthodontic result in comparably little time. Those who have spacing issues or mild crowding will find this oral health solution works quite efficiently. It really can take as little as six months to provide an improvement in look and feel.

An Economical Solution to Straightening Teeth

Compare 6-month smiles to options for straightening teeth and you will find it is one of the cheapest on the market. In fact, the six months of treatment this product requires will usually cost about three-quarters of the cost of the traditional treatment. There is no sense in paying more and waiting longer.

Candidates for 6 Month Smiles

This oral health solution can remedy an array of orthodontic issues that impact the look, functionality and health of the teeth. The rapid treatment time and minimal force allow for patient comfort and the intended result in surprisingly little time. If someone is looking for the cosmetic straightening solutions that braces offer but does not require complex corrections for a bite or occlusion, then he or she needs to give 6-month smiles a try. Aside from teeth straightening, it also works for intrusions, rotations, extrusions, tipping and more.

What Does Treatment Involve?

The orthodontist will conduct an in-depth exam of your mouth during the consultation. Once your oral health is analyzed, the dentist will determine if the patient is the optimal candidate for 6-month smiles. It might be necessary to take X-rays, facial photographs, an impression of the teeth before treatment. If we determine the patient is a candidate, the lab will use the models to determine the amount of tooth movement necessary to allow for the intended straightening.

The next appointment involves a fitting with the clear brackets and wires. The brackets are fused to the teeth through an application of bonding adhesives to the enamel surface and brackets. A custom tray is added to the teeth after the dentist applies a bonding agent. After setting occurs, we can remove the tray. We will then harden the adhesive and adjust the archwires to allow for adequate tooth movement. Once the treatment is complete, we will remove the brackets and wires.

Reach out to Us Today to Schedule an Appointment

If you are interested in 6-month smiles, reach out to us today. We provide numerous additional oral health solutions. Let us examine your mouth, help you select the best treatment option and improve your oral health.

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