Compare Dental Implants to Traditional Tooth Replacement Options

Dental ImplantsComparing dental implants to some of the more traditional means of replacing teeth, people will notice significant changes in how much easier the procedure is and how much more effective dental implants are. Dental implants, which actually have a long and storied history, have made such tremendous advances that it is not a stretch to consider them the future of dental prosthetics. While there is no doubt that a dental bridge and dentures will be around for a long time to come, there is also no arguing with the fact that implants have changed the landscape. With a product that is more durable, better looking, and stronger than its traditional counterparts, dental implants are changing how people everywhere view tooth loss. Today, you have the option of having a skilled dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist, insert an implant permanently into your jaw to provide a secure base for your new tooth.

Our Tampa dental office understands that some of our patients will prefer the older methods, mostly because they may not know the benefits of a dental implant. This is a product that has zero hassle, looks great, and has a greater chance of success, making the switch an easy decision.

Embracing dental implants as the go-to dental prosthetic device is never easy. It can also be difficult for our patients that are used to wearing dentures to consider an alternative treatment. Like all technological and scientific advancements that can change the world, there are questions which take time, effort, and education to address. Many of these questions focus on three primary areas. First, people want to know if the operation is typically successful. Second, they want to know if the devices will last for a long time. And third, they want to know what the recovery time is after the surgery is complete.

Implants are extremely successful. On average, the success rate for a dental implant surgery is between 93 and 98 percent, depending on which set of data you are reading. Implants have a life cycle that is similar, in many respects, to a normal tooth. Once implanted, your device can last anywhere from 7 to 30 years or longer. The lifespan is based on several factors including oral health and hygiene habits; gum and mouth disease; and whether or not you have a loss of bone density in your jawbone as you get older.

In order to maximize efficiency and ensure that our Tampa dentist office is putting in the dental implants perfectly, we tend to do implant installations in stages. This allows us to complete a step, allow you to recover, and then review, making any necessary modifications before proceeding to the next step. Operating in this manner allows us to be very precise in the installation, catch any challenges before they occur, and allow your body recovery time. Between each of the stages, and at the very end after all of the stages are complete, you will have between ten and fourteen days to recover. After the final procedure, we recommend that you take at least 2 weeks of being careful what you eat in order to allow the site to recover fully.  The reason for the prolonged process and recovery time is that we are permanently replacing your tooth's root system using a metal titanium post.  This makes the procedure more invasive but more effective than all other restorative solutions  In the end, your new tooth will look entirely natural and your smile will be restored.


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