What To Do When Your Dental Crown Falls Out

If your dental crown has fallen out, try to stay calm.  It is perfectly normal for an aged crown or filling to fall out or break.  In certain instances, dental crowns fall out due to underlying decay.  Decay destroys a portion of the tooth so it can no longer hold tightly to the crown.

Here is a closer look at what happens when a dental crown falls out.

Detached Temporary Crowns

Most of the crowns that fall out are of the temporary variety. If your dental crown falls out and it is merely the temporary one that is protecting the tooth ahead of the placement of the permanent one, there is no need to panic.  The dentist can reattach your temporary crown with ease.  However, if your dental crown falls out and you cannot get to the dentist right away, it is in your best interest to be proactive.  

Slide the floss instead of lifting it when cleaning your teeth.  If you lift the floss out like you usually do and the temporary crown is loose or reaffixed after falling out, it will likely fall off.  Do not chew foods that are especially crunchy or sticky. These foods might grab the crown and pull it off. Try to chew on the side of your mouth in which the crown is not loose or missing.

How to Proceed After Your Dental Crown has Fallen Out

The first step is to reach out to your dentist to schedule an appointment.  The dentist will determine the cause of the dental crown's movement. The crown may be a poor fit to start with.  Perhaps the tooth structure was not large enough for the crown to attach to.  Maybe there was insufficient cement to hold the crown in place.

You can take the bull by the horns by cleaning the crown as well as the front of the tooth in question.  The crown can be temporarily reattached with a tooth cement or dental adhesive.  Above all, you should abide by the dentist's nuanced advice following this unfortunate incident.  It might take a day or so to be seen by the dentist so follow his or her advice to the letter.  

The Dentist Will Attempt to Reattach the Crown

Visit your dentist after your dental crown has fallen out so he or she can try to re-cement it back into place.  If the dentist cannot cement the crown back in its proper position, a new crown will be necessary.  Such replacement is actually quite common.

Why Dental Crowns Fall Out

As noted above, dental crowns sometimes fall out due to the decay of the tooth below.  The sad truth is a crowned tooth can still have a cavity.  These cavities typically occur along the gum line by the crown.  It is also possible the cement holding the crown in position is not strong enough.  If this is the case, the dentist will add cement so the crown is firmly connected back to the tooth.

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