Gain a Straighter Smile With 6 Month Smiles

SmilesIf you are unhappy with your smile, it is time to be proactive with adult orthodontic treatments. 6 Month Smiles has straightened out countless teeth, producing gorgeous smiles that improve self-confidence and well-being. Do not assume you have to live the rest of your life with crooked or spaced teeth. Take advantage of 6 Month Smiles and it won't be long until those problematic teeth are straightened out and your smile is exactly as desired.

The Magic of 6 Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles really does straighten crooked teeth in half a year's time. These adult braces are designed with the latest dental techniques and technology to shift teeth into the proper position in surprisingly little time. This approach focuses on moving teeth that tend to show as the lips part when smiling. Once these prominent teeth are straight and evenly spaced, your smile will reach its full aesthetic potential. If you are in any way dissatisfied with the look of your spaced or crooked teeth, give 6 Month Smiles a chance and it won't be long until you look forward to the opportunity to smile in public.

No One Will Know You are a 6 Month Smiles Patient

A large part of the appeal of this approach to straightening teeth is it makes use of completely clear adult braces. These translucent braces are incredibly difficult to see as they are made with tooth-colored wires and completely clear brackets. In fact, those in your social and professional circles will have no idea you have clear braces in your mouth. You can laugh, talk, smile and eat in complete comfort without worrying about what others think of your appearance.

A Comfortable Means of Enhancing Your Smile

6 Month Smiles applies minimal force to gently move teeth into position. This accelerated treatment does not require any sort of painful tightening. 6 Month Smiles is revered as one of the best adult orthodontic treatments on the market as it is that much more comfortable than traditional braces. This oral health solution relies on conventional orthodontic mechanics yet there is more of a focus on the cosmetic look of the teeth as opposed to the position of the bite.

A Completely Safe Approach to Teeth-Straightening

6 Month Smiles does not pose any more risk for root damage or other oral health issues than traditional orthodontics. The forces used in this style of braces is quite light. The odds of a tooth extraction are incredibly low. Ask orthodontists about the minimal risks posed by this approach to teeth correction and you will find it is one of the safest adult orthodontics treatments available.

Eligibility for 6 Month Smiles

Those who suffer from crooked teeth or spaced teeth are candidates for 6 Month Smiles as long as they are 16 years of age or older. This teeth-straightening method is perfect for those who do not want to significantly alter their bite. You do not have to be wealthy or have extensive dental insurance coverage to afford 6 Month Smiles. This oral health solution is almost always cheaper than traditional braces, veneers and aligner therapy.

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