Have an Advanced Gum Disease? Dental Implants Are One Solution

If gum disease diagnosis is jeopardizing the health of a person's teeth, then dental implants are one option available for replacing damaged teeth. When people's teeth have damage, it is likely that they are finding it difficult to perform everyday functions like eating and talking without experiencing some discomfort or pain. Because the person's overall oral health is in jeopardy when he or she has gum disease, it is important to find a solution as soon as possible. When gums and teeth are not in good health, it is possible that a person's overall health too.

Periodontist services

While a general dentist has the skills to insert implants into their patients' mouths surgically, sometimes patients referrals to a periodontist are necessary when in need of implants. A periodontist has advanced training in gum diseases, which means they have the knowledge necessary to help patients who are in any stage of gum disease. A periodontist has also received additional training in placing implants, which means they know exactly where to place the implants even if gum disease is present.

Implant candidates need approval

Implants are a common choice of dental patients who have a gum disease diagnosis. While commonly chosen, it is necessary for a dental patient to have approval for the dental implant procedure. Inserting implants into a patient's mouth is a surgical procedure. Because it is a surgical procedure, the patient must be in good overall health.

Putting off treatment

It is important for anyone who has a gum disease diagnosis to seek treatment as soon as possible. The longer someone waits to treat their gum disease, the higher their chances that the gum infection will cause additional health problems. For example, if gum disease turns into an infection, it can enter the bloodstream, which can cause problems throughout their entire body.

Are implants the right solution?

For those considering dental implants to replace damaged teeth, and permanent tooth replacement options sounds like it will be a good option, the next step is making an appointment with an experienced dentist to start the process. If you have any questions that you want answers, be sure to call us as soon as you are able. Our team of dental professionals is always ready to take your call so we can answer any questions you have about your dental health. There truly is no time like the present!

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