Why Implant Dentistry is Becoming so Popular

Dental ImplantsImplant dentistry has grown by leaps and bounds as more people become aware of the benefit of a permanent replacement for a lost tooth. The fundamentals of implant dentistry involve replacing the root of a tooth with a tiny titanium screw. This provides a strong and stable base upon which we can place a dental crown or a replacement tooth. The titanium creates a symbiotic relationship with the jawbone, making implants the most secure way to replace a tooth ever invented. When you consider that not only does implant dentistry give you back a tooth, it helps you to regain a standard of living, it is very clear why so many patients are choosing to have this procedure over dentures or bridges.

Are dental implants used only for appearance?

While implant dentistry is often classified by insurance companies as a purely cosmetic surgery. Insurance companies often demure from paying for their clients, our patients, to get dental implants. The idea that implant dentistry is a purely cosmetic endeavor is understandable. For years, people have seen patients, who have undergone implant dentistry, come out with a beautiful million dollar smile. Implant dentistry gives people with lost teeth the ability to get a beautiful smile and to do so in a manner that will last a long time.

Restoring people's smiles, their standard of living and their sense of well-being is an important part of implant dentistry. At the same time, there is growing data that shows that implants are far more. Implants work with the jawbone by providing stimulation, a process that can help a jawbone recover from resorption. Implants help the jawbone to preserve the facial structure. Implants can even help people who have issues with their bite. All of these are non-cosmetic in nature, leading many insurance companies to reconsider the classification of implant dentistry and offer support to patients who want to replace their lost teeth in this manner.

Choose Dental Implants

As more people become aware of the benefits of implant dentistry, we anticipate that the number of patients seeking it will grow significantly. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons found that 69 percent of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost at least one tooth, and could use dental implants to replace it. By age 74, at least 26 percent of the population will have lost all their natural teeth to decay, accident, or a gum disease. Many of these patients can continue to live a full and happy life if they can get their teeth restored. Dental implants have a 95 percent success rate, making them an ideal choice if you want a permanent and reliable solution.

Since most dental implants last somewhere in the range of 25 years, you will not have to change them or worry about them for a very long time. In many cases, they can last a lifetime. This is as opposed to wearing dentures and needing to take them out daily. Implants are clearly the most beneficial solution for your health and your convenience.

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