Tips to Avoid Going to the Dentist for an Emergency

Posted on: March 16, 2018

DentistEver had a dental emergency? Did you know what to do? Knowing what to do when faced with any type of emergency can make a huge difference to the outcome. While some people are a natural when it comes to handling emergencies other people tend to freeze up, often relying on other people to help them when dealing with an emergency. Whether you are someone who does not know the first thing about how to handle a dental emergency or someone who knows exactly what to do, the tips listed below could be extremely beneficial if any future dental emergencies were to arise.

Dental emergencies

It truly is critical for someone to do everything they can as soon as absolutely possible after experiencing any type of dental emergency if they want the best results. For example, say someone was playing sports and got their front tooth knocked out. They may think it is okay for them to just make a dentist appointment for the next day so that their dentist can put the tooth back in. It is not. When someone has their tooth knocked out it needs to be kept moist until they can get to the dentist‘s office and it cannot wait until tomorrow; it needs to be done now.

While dental emergencies may not occur often in someone’s life knowing what to do in a dental emergency is just as important as knowing CPR.

Tips to avoid going to the dentist for an emergency

While no one wants to be faced with a dental emergency, understanding the following tips is highly recommended as it could mean the difference between losing a tooth and saving a tooth.

  • Tip number one. Biting or injuring one’s lips, gums and/or cheeks can be considered a dental emergency if the wound is too deep, too wide or does not stop bleeding within a few minutes. If the wound does stop bleeding it should be able to heal on its own so simply clean and apply a cold compress.

  • Tip number two. Many toothaches can be treated at home allowing one to avoid going to the dentist when experiencing a toothache. Rinsing the mouth with warm salt water, gently flossing and taking any necessary pain medications for a day or two is recommended in order to see if the toothache will go away on its own.

  • Tip number three. Choose the foods you eat very carefully. Prevent a dental emergency from happening in the first place by avoiding foods that can wreak havoc on your teeth, i.e. toffee, nuts, pretzels, hard candy.

Knocked out tooth

Again, if your tooth has been knocked out you will need to keep it moist, essential for the best outcome. This can be done by putting it back into the socket, in between the cheek and gums and even in a glass of milk if handy. Get to the dentist office immediately so that they can put the tooth back into its socket. We had to add this one in even though it does require a trip to the dentist because it is such a common dental emergency.

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