Urgent Signs A Tooth May Need to be Pulled

Posted on: October 5, 2018

From the moment the first tooth erupts, the teeth continually move and develop based on the amount of care they get. Immediately decay sets in, there is a high risk that the teeth may be irreparably damaged or infected. Often, the only way to save the situation is by pulling the tooth.

This article focuses on the urgent signs you should look out for to know if you are a candidate for tooth extraction.

Signs that tooth extraction is necessary

Proper dental care is not difficult once it becomes a routine — brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and flossing. These items, coupled with visiting the dentist every six months for dental care will help control tooth health. However, during these appointments, the dentist may recommend the removal of one or more tooth if they are cracked, broken, impacted, overcrowded or infected.

Impacted or overcrowded teeth

An impacted tooth grows or shifts into a wrong position and no longer serves its functions. If the teeth are too much or big to fit in the mouth, overcrowding is to blame. Overcrowding can inhibit the eruption of other teeth, and therefore dentists will remove the affected teeth to create space in the mouth.

Sometimes, the dentist may remove some teeth before installing braces to ensure the mouth has enough space for other teeth to shift into proper position.


There are several treatment procedures for decayed teeth. However, in some situations, the decay is so severe that the procedures will be unable to save the teeth. A damaged tooth is one that is severely chipped or cracked, so a dentist may extract this tooth.


It is vital to correct tooth decay promptly as the rot may penetrate the tooth to its pulp. This is concerning because once the pulp is infected, the infection may affect the surrounding teeth, one after another. The dentist will typically suggest root canal treatment to fix the condition.

In some instances, root canal treatment may be impossible, which means that tooth removal is the only alternative.

Additional concerns

Some patients are also likely to be recommended for tooth extraction if there is a possible risk of infection. For instance, people undergoing chemotherapy will have weaker immune systems. Therefore, they will have reduced resistance against dental infections if their tooth gets cracked or broken. Because these patients require special medical attention, the dentist will likely recommend tooth extraction to avert any risk to the patient’s health.

What to Expect Before a Tooth Removal

Before the extraction process starts, the dentist will conduct an examination using X-rays. For impacted teeth, the dentist may need to cut the gum tissues to reveal the tooth and splinter it into parts to make the removal procedure easier.

Following that, the dentist will use forceps to pull the teeth gently from the gum. Once the extraction process is complete, a pad of gauze or stitches will seal and protect the area. Multiple dental checkups will be necessary to monitor the situation and ensure the gum tissues recover.

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