We Can Help with Dental Anxiety in Tampa

Dental anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of — nor should it deter you from visiting the dentist. Although we know that it does for many people, at our office in Tampa we are trained and ready to help anyone with their fear of the dentist.

One of the most important things for people to remember is that they are not alone in their fear. It is estimated that over 25 percent of people have dental anxiety, and it could very well be more than that. From a simple cleaning to other procedures, if dental anxiety has been holding you back from visiting the dentist, here is how we can help.

Be open and honest about your anxiety

One of the most important thing that people with dental anxiety can do is talk to their dental team about their fears. There are many different ways that a dental hygienist and dentist can help in calming fears, easing anxiety and making the trip to the dentist a pleasant experience.

However, for people who do not tell the dentist about their fear, it can make the process even worse. Because it is the job they do every day, many times they will complete it quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, for people with dental anxiety, unique systems can be put in place to help ease their worries.

Explaining the different tools

One method that dentists and hygienists use to help patients with dental anxiety is to explain each of the tools that are going to be used. Even having the patient hold and look at the instrument can help significantly in calming nerves. Over the years, this has been found to be an excellent way of helping people with dental anxiety overcome their fear and help the experience be pleasant and straightforward.

By being able to hold, look at and inspect the tools, the fear many times dissipates or reduces to a large extent from what it was.

Setting up a signal system

Another way that the dental team can help a patient with dental anxiety is by setting up a type of signaling system. During the exam and cleaning, if the patient is feeling overwhelmed and needs a break they can make a hand motion and the hygienist or dentist will stop and let the patient have a few moments to breathe.

Although it seems simple, this is another way that patients have found their anxiety is reduced. It gives them a sense of control over the situation and helps the dental team know when to slow down or explain things a bit further to help calm the patient's nerves.

Want to know other ways we help ease dental anxiety?

Give our office a call, and we can explain the many other ways that we help patients with dental anxiety have an appointment and cleaning they never thought they could do. With years of experience, we have methods that patients have come to find not only help, but many times overcome their anxiety about going to the dentist.

Request an appointment here: https://www.northtampadentistry.com or call North Tampa Dentistry at (813) 430-0933 for an appointment in our Tampa office.

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