What Materials are used to Make Dentures?

Posted on: April 17, 2018

DenturesBefore the invention of dentures, people would often replace missing teeth with other human and animal teeth, or bone fragments. False teeth have even been made from lead in the past; quite toxic to humans. George Washington, for example, had some teeth that were made from lead.

Nowadays, dentures can replace a missing set of teeth or all of your natural teeth. That means there is now a way to restore your smile even if you lose all of your teeth.

Different parts of dentures often consist of different materials. Let’s take a closer look at what dentures typically consist of.

Denture Materials

The artificial teeth

The artificial teeth that come with your dentures are generally made out of porcelain or a resin composite. Porcelain is typically favored over resins since it has favorable properties like being more durable and stronger.

Porcelain is a ceramic material that has some glass-like properties. It is translucent in nature like the enamel of a real tooth, which makes it look more like your natural teeth. Porcelain also feels similar to the way your real teeth feel inside your mouth, so it is easier to adjust to artificial teeth that consist of porcelain.

One advantage artificial teeth made out of resin composites do have over their porcelain counterparts is the fact resin is not as brittle. Porcelain dentures can break if someone drops them on hard surfaces. Porcelain also tends to wear your natural teeth down more, so professionals typically recommend it when the patient needs a full set of dentures. For partial dentures, resin teeth are often the preferred option. It is also the less expensive option.

The gums and framework

Dentures receive support from a full or partial plate. This framework often consists of flexible nylon polymers or acrylic resin. Chrome cobalt can also make the framework of your dentures.

Before creating the framework, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and gums. They then use the mold to create a wax model that they will ensure fits properly and matches your real teeth. If it is a good fit, the mold will form a plate that fits snugly in your mouth.

Dentures that come with artificial gum lines that match your natural gum line are often made with resin plates. Metals are typically reserved for partial plates that are hidden behind your remaining natural teeth since the color will not match your gums.

An important piece of information

The lifespan of your dentures depends on a number of things like your oral health care routine and the materials your denture set is made out of. Dentures should also receive a daily cleaning using an approved cleaning agent and kept in denture solution overnight.

Also, you need to pay special attention to your gum line when brushing since healthy gums help keep your dentures secure inside your mouth.

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