What to Expect When Visiting a General Dentist

Visits with a general dentist can be intimidating because one might not know what to expect. However, they can actually be beneficial and it is important that people regularly make visits to their general dentist to ensure optimal oral health. 

Being aware of what to expect at a visit to the general dentist can help someone feel better about their upcoming appointment. Dentists only aim to provide good care to their patients and it is important that people know that. Today we will discuss what a person can expect from their dental appointments.

What to expect when visiting a general dentist


A visit to a general dentist will involve an examination of the teeth, gums and rest of the mouth. A general dentist will be able to look for any abnormalities that might be present within the mouth and further advise on what needs to be done. He or she can also ensure that the teeth and gums are in good condition.

The exam will involve the dentist looking at each tooth as well as the gums to make sure that they look healthy. Typically dental tools may be used in order to get a better view of the teeth and gums.


Cleaning of the teeth will be done when a person visits their general dentist. The dentist will use professional grade equipment that can clean the teeth better than a person can at home. They rid the teeth of built-up plaque and then clean the teeth with toothpaste that is high in fluoride. Flossing is also done to ensure that the spaces between the teeth are clean as well. A dentist will floss in between the teeth to remove any leftover food particles that could harm the gums or teeth.

Fluoride treatments

A general dentist can provide a fluoride treatment to a patient during their appointment. Fluoride treatments keep the teeth strong and healthy by remineralizing the surface of each of the teeth. A visit with a general dentist will typically include a fluoride treatment because people aren’t advised to use fluoride every day, so when a person visits their dentist twice a year, it is usually best to have a fluoride treatment done.

Dental appointments with a general dentist will usually involve cleanings, exams and sometimes fluoride treatments. All of these things are done in order to ensure that the patient’s teeth remain in good and healthy shape. It can be beneficial for a person to know what they can expect from their general dentist appointment in case they have any fear or anxiety about their upcoming visit.

If you have questions about what to expect from a dental appointment with a general dentist then reach out to our office today. We are happy to help in any way that we can whether it be guiding you through concerns or procedures. Give us a call or stop by today.

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