What Type of Floss Should You Use?

What Is Flossing And Why Do You Need To Do It?

Your toothbrush does clean your teeth, but it is possible that it leaves some germs and bacteria-especially between your teeth. That’s what flossing is for.

Plaque gradually hardens if you do not floss for a long time, and that makes your teeth susceptible to various gum diseases like gingivitis and dental infections.

Flossing is one of the teeth cleaning techniques that wipes out bacteria and food particles and removes plaque that sticks between the teeth. Consistent flossing improves your oral health, decreases plaque buildup, and makes your gum tissue strong enough to fight against tooth sensitivities.

Choosing The Right Dental Floss

Choosing the right dental floss might be overwhelming as there are a plethora of flossing products available in the market and everyone has different oral needs. It is possible that a smaller travel-friendly nylon dental floss suits you better and a mint-flavored mouthwash-replacing dental floss is an ideal option for another person –to each their own.

Remember, it takes few trials to find the right dental floss that suits your oral needs. So, here’s a helpful guide to speed up the process.

Ultra Floss

Ultra floss is thicker than other flosses because you can stretch it as long as want to fit it between the close gaps of your teeth.  If you don’t have much a gap between your teeth, this is your best bet.

Waxed Floss

It is another good option for the people having tight spaces between their teeth.  Waxed floss has an excellent quality to glide down as it is coated with wax.  Try this one option if you want to treat your teeth waxy-soft dental floss.

Flossing Tape

Although it is a recent addition to the dental floss domain, it has shown some impressive features for its thickness and stretchiness.  It is comparatively fatter and works exceptionally well for the people with broader space between their teeth. You can also choose this ribbon-like floss if you have sensitive gums.

Flossing Picks

Steady handles are what makes this handy floss stand out among other types. It is a perfect choice for the people who do not like wrapping the floss around their fingers.  These disposable dental flosses are convenient and suit all kinds of teeth.

Because dentists consider flossing as an essential part of oral hygiene that keeps your gum and teeth healthy, it is crucial that you should upgrade your oral hygiene practices. If you need tips to choose the right flossing product, try the above-mentioned methods to select the right plaque-remover and improve your dental hygiene. Contact our office and let us help guide you in making the right choices for your dental health.

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