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To all of our beloved patients!

I hope and pray that all of you are healthy and have kept yourselves safe during this unique time in our history. We are lucky to be living in the Tampa Bay area and have not been affected to the degree as other parts of the country. Our numbers have been on the low side (comparatively speaking) and this paints a good picture for our future.

We want to update all of you on the future of our office operations and how it affects dental care.

First and foremost, we are presently open for emergencies but we will be resuming NORMAL dental treatment procedures on May 11th. That means routine cleanings, exams, fillings, crowns, extractions, implants, orthodontics etc….   The quality of your treatment will remain as it always has, at a high level. We are lucky in the fact that Dentistry has always adhered to a high level of infection control and PPE. That has never changed and that is why you have never heard of the Flu or outbreaks of Covid occurring from dental offices. Dental offices always disinfect and sterilize everything in each treatment room for every single patient. This will not change but instead we will add additional levels of protection for our staff with extra PPE layers and we’ve also added Air Purifiers in each treatment room which will clean out the air multiple times during every appointment so the air is clean for every single patient. The Air Purifiers have 7 levels of purification including negative ionization and virus killing UVC lights. We want our patients to feel “extra” safe!


Patient Protocol List

  • Wait in your vehicle until the appointment time and call us to let us know you are in the parking lot waiting
  • No visitors may come to wait in the reception area or in the operatory unless it is a minor or special needs patient. Visitors must wait in the car
  • Face protection is mandatory to enter our office and must be maintained until the patient is in the operatory and then it must be worn again prior to leaving the operatory
  • Hand Sanitizer use and Temperature check upon arrival in the reception area. Patients with fevers will be sent home.
  • Limit use of restrooms, Go BEFORE your appointment in order limit areas of touching
  • Bring your own pen to fill out forms is recommended but not required.
  • If you have been sick or traveling, regardless from what it is, please do not come in until you have been healthy for 2 weeks.

We know this will seem like an adjustment from how we used to operate but we feel these are simple measures that will help you feel safe and protected. 



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Our practice has resumed normal operations with extra COVID-19 precautions. The quality of your treatment will remain as it always has, at a high level.  Please review our patient protocols below to know what to expect for your appointment. Please contact our office at (813) 968-5368. We look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces!

To learn more about additional levels of protection for our staff and our patients, please take a look at our Patient Protocol.