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Invisible aligners are a revolutionary method for straightening teeth, and ClearCorrect Clear Aligners are a vast improvement on this popular system. These custom-made trays are designed to correct malocclusion (bad bite) both discreetly and effectively. Patients and cosmetic dentists prefer ClearCorrect over traditional braces for many reasons.

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What they are?

ClearCorrect Clear Aligners have been around since 2006. In the time since their establishment, ClearCorrect has delivered millions of high-quality clear aligners to satisfied clients everywhere. Born in the USA, ClearCorrect delivers aligners to North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Made to correct mild to moderate malocclusion

Crooked teeth or that one tooth that is out of place are considered issues of malocclusion. Malocclusion is a condition where the teeth do not fit together right, also known as a bad bite.

The top front teeth can often stick out further than what appears natural in what is known as an overbite. Underbites have the opposite effect: the bottom front teeth protrude ahead of the top front teeth. All these problems and more can be fixed with ClearCorrect Clear Aligners.

It is important to note that clear aligners are usually only recommended to correct mild to moderate bite issues. More severe issues will likely need a stronger treatment, such as traditional braces complete with elastics. Severe overbite, crossbite or underbite where the jaw needs adjustment will not work well with clear aligners.

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Benefits of ClearCorrect aligners

Clear aligners are ideal for adult patients who want to straighten their smile cost-effectively and discreetly. Often chosen by adult patients for the ease of use within busy lifestyles, ClearCorrect aligners offer straight, brilliant smiles with a seamless pay-as-you-go system.

Pay as you go

The option to pay by the aligner is an attractive one for many budget-conscious adults. This applies to treatment of any length.

Crack and stain resistant

These clear aligners are made from premium materials that are resistant to damage and staining. Polyurethane is a durable, high-quality plastic that is easily manipulated into custom trays. While other invisible aligners may use a different kind of plastic, polyurethane is specifically chosen for ClearCorrect due to its flexible yet durable qualities. The trays also stay clear for longer than other types of plastic trays.


With any orthodontic treatment, there is some level of discomfort. After all, the goal of teeth straightening is to move teeth into a new position against their natural positioning. However, clear aligners are far more comfortable than traditional braces.

ClearCorrect Clear Aligners fit snugly surround every tooth. Conventional braces put pressure on the teeth from brackets and ligatures. The brackets can be uncomfortable, not only on the teeth and gums, but when rubbing against the soft tissue on the cheeks and inner lips.


Each clear aligner is worn for two weeks before needing to be replaced. During this time, the clear aligners need to be worn at least 22 hours every day for effective treatment. This includes wearing it during sleep, as well. Usually, it is only recommended to take out aligners while eating or drinking beverages other than water.

However, this also means that you can remove them at will. If you need to remove them for a photo, for example, you are free to do so. However, invisible aligners do not show up in photos, so you will find you do not need to remove them as often as you might think.

Nearly invisible

ClearCorrect Clear Aligners feature a high trim line for stronger retention and a more attractive appearance. Clear aligners will not show up in photos and are barely noticeable, even if close up. The downside of traditional braces is that your smile is covered for months or years. Clear aligners instead enhance the appearance of the smile, rather than covering it in wires and brackets.

Many patients find that they have boosted confidence while wearing clear aligners over braces. ClearCorrect aligners allow each person to smile, laugh and speak freely without worrying about the appearance of their teeth. Traditional braces tend to create speech difficulties. As an added bonus, clear aligners do not produce a lisp.

No dietary restrictions

Because clear aligners are removable, you do not have to adhere to any dietary restrictions. When braces are worn, foods like popcorn must be eliminated from the diet. Removing clear aligners while eating ensures that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. Chewy foods like steak and sticky foods like caramels can be enjoyed effortlessly, rather than avoided.

Optimal dental hygiene

Brackets on conventional braces cover some surface area on each tooth, connected by wires and ligatures. This makes it difficult to properly clean each tooth, but with clear aligners, you can fully clean each tooth in its entirety.

Remove the clear aligner each morning and night to floss and brush teeth. To keep the aligner tray clean, brushing them (without toothpaste) can help remove some bacteria. Soaking the aligner in a mild mouthwash without dye each week can keep it sparkling as well.

No brackets or wires also means no white spots upon completion of treatment. Metal and ceramic braces cover parts of the tooth for the whole treatment time. Although they are securely bonded to teeth, bacteria can still reach underneath the braces, causing small white spots to form. These spots can be eliminated from a dental cleaning. Clear aligners do not cause white spots and keep the teeth much healthier from start to finish.

Controlled movement of each tooth

While braces depend on the movement of multiple teeth at the same time, clear aligners have the ability to move each tooth independently. Controlled movement allows for a more comfortable experience and a more tailored result.

The bottom line

ClearCorrect Clear Aligners are the best choice for those who want to straighten teeth effectively, discreetly and with ease. ClearCorrect allows each patient to choose their own treatment path and take control of their treatment time. Be ready to smile, laugh and live life effortlessly with ClearCorrect.