Complete & Partial Dentures in Tampa, FL

Having one or more missing teeth can be detrimental to your quality of life. Not only is it harder to enjoy your favorite foods or speak with clarity; missing teeth also carry a stigma that can lead people to make unfair judgments about you. 

Restoring missing teeth not only improves your nutrition and self-confidence, but it is also better overall for your oral and general health. Many of our North Tampa patients find dentures and partials cost-effective, reliable, and efficient in addressing many of the issues posed by missing teeth. 

Dr. Roberto Bellegarrigue and his dental staff are available anytime to answer questions or address any concerns our patients around Tampa, FL may have. If you are missing multiple teeth, contact North Tampa Dentistry at (813) 968-5368 to schedule a dental appointment

What Are Dentures and Partials?

hand holding a flexible oral partial denture in Tampa
Flexible Partial

Dentures and partials are popular tooth replacements that can restore most or all of your teeth. 

Complete dentures are removable dental prosthetics that adhere to your gums so that you can eat, speak, and smile naturally. This is the right solution for North Tampa patients who are missing all of their teeth. Denture adhesives may be used to ensure a tight fit. 

If only a few of your teeth are missing, you may want to consider partial dentures as an excellent teeth replacement option. Partial dentures utilize existing teeth as supports to hold them in place. 

With both tooth replacement options, Dr. Bellegarrigue will work with each North Tampa patient to create the perfect size, shape, and alignment so that your dentures look entirely natural, and no one would ever be able to tell the difference. We know that in the past, dentures may have looked fake, bulky, and artificial. Modern dentures utilize leading-edge material and dental technology to create a beautiful smile. At North Tampa Dentistry, we make the process interactive so that each patient can determine the appearance of their teeth. Once we have our patient’s final approval, we will be able to finish fabricating them. 

Implant Dentures for Full Tooth Replacement

a full set of dentures in Tampa, FLAt North Tampa Dentistry, Dr. Bellegarrigue may recommend implant-supported dentures for patients who complain about ill-fitting dentures that slip or fall out. When a tooth is missing, the tooth root no longer exists to support and stimulate and the jaw bone. Over time, the jaw bone will recede, which will change the shape of your jawline and affect the layout of existing teeth. Carrollwood patients with dentures may need to adjust the fit of their dentures. 

Dr. Bellegarrigue is highly skilled in implant dentures. This dental procedure is done in-house, which means that patients don’t need to drive around to see different specialists. At our North Tampa dental office, we offer high-quality dental care and expertise. 

Our dentures and implant-retained dentures are made here in Tampa by a Master Denturist Technician who has been fabricating dentures for over 30 years. 

Choose Dentures in North Tampa, FL

Both dentures and partials are the least expensive way to replace missing teeth, and they come with some drawbacks, but they do give you back function and a great smile!

Our North Tampa patients enjoy the convenience that dentures provide. Whether you need a full or partial set, dentures can restore your smile in a non-invasive manner. Patients don’t need to worry about undergoing surgery. If, however, you are looking for a more permanent solution, you may want to consider implant-supported dentures.

The first step in your journey to a new smile is easier than you think. Dr. Bellagarrigue can help determine which option is right for you. Contact our North Tampa, FL dental office to get started! Our office is nearby the Hamlet, Brentwood, and Carrollwood areas.