Full Mouth & Smile Reconstruction in North Tampa, FL

woman with dark hair covering her mouthAre you unhappy with your current smile and would love to enhance it? Creating the smile you want not only improves your appearance, but it can also raise your self-confidence. A full mouth reconstruction can erase the effects of aging, create balance and harmony with your facial features, and engage people to smile back. The positive impact of a smile makeover can be far-reaching and permanent.

Patients in Carrollwood have many reasons for seeking cosmetic dental procedures at North Tampa Dentistry. Whether you have chipped, fractured, yellow, or missing teeth, we have the solution for you. Dr. Bellegarrigue, or "Dr. Belle," is highly trained and skilled in a variety of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures that restore function and beauty to your oral health.

Dr. Bellegarrigue starts by examining and cleaning your teeth and gums to ensure your foundation is strong and healthy before recommending any restorative dental procedures. It’s essential to have healthy teeth and gums before improving the appearance of your smile.

A full smile reconstruction can include dental procedures like dental implants to restore missing teeth, dental crowns to protect and enhance teeth, dental bridges to restore a gap in your smile, among many other procedures. Fix a broken tooth, straighten crooked teeth, or address any other smile issues in North Tampa—it all starts with one phone call to our dental office at (813) 968-5368.

What Are Full Mouth Reconstructive Services?

Some of our smile makeover procedures include:

Dr. Bellegarrigue may recommend one or multiple dental procedures to help enhance the health of your teeth and gums. For example, a patient may be in need of a dental crown to protect a weakened tooth—but they are unable to fully fit a crown without straightening their teeth with orthodontics first. Together we can go over all your dental options and establish a smile makeover treatment plan according to your unique dental needs. A smile makeover treatment plan may require a multi-tiered procedure in order to maintain oral health and optimize their natural beauty.

Comfortable Dental Sedation Options in 33618close up of an open smile with a mouth mirror

No matter what treatments you decide to include in your full mouth reconstruction in North Tampa, Dr. Bellegarrigue and his caring dental team will ensure that your entire experience is comfortable and stress-free.

We offer dental sedation options that relieve dental anxiety and minimize discomfort, including nitrous oxide therapy, oral sedatives, and prescription pain killers. Our North Tampa patients can relax with Netflix and calming music that we provide in each patient room.

Are You Ready to Turn Back Time?

If you are ready for your brand-new, youthful smile, call North Tampa Dentistry at (813) 968-5368; you can also use our online form to schedule a dental appointment

Even if you have multiple smile issues you want to address, we are here to provide oral solutions to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. We look forward to serving you and enhancing your look at our Tampa, FL dental office.