Tooth Extractions in Tampa, FL

older couple smiling and holding each otherAt North Tampa Dentistry, Dr. Bellegarrigue will always prioritize saving your tooth and restoring your oral health by all means necessary. 

If your tooth has decayed to the extent that it can't be restored or saved, a dental extraction may be the best and only option to maintaining a healthy smile. The tooth extraction will remove any decay or infection as far down as the root and allows your body to heal without needing further oral surgery. 

Do I Need a Dental Extraction?

Dr. Bellegarrigue will start with a visual examination of your mouth, then utilize digital and panoramic x-rays to identify any decay, infection, or fractures. Once your Tampa dentist has assessed your oral health profile and the full extent of your dental damage, we can determine whether tooth extraction is necessary or if there are alternative dental procedures that can fix the issue. 

Sometimes dental extractions are a part of a dental emergency. When tooth decay or infection is not caught early on and is allowed to travel to the root, tooth and jaw pain can set in. Many Tampa patients who call us regarding severe tooth pain may qualify for emergency dental extractions to relieve their pain and maintain their oral health. 

What Is the Tooth Extraction Process at our 33618 Dentist Office?middle aged couple smiling and holding one another

If Dr. Bellegarrigue has determined that dental extraction is necessary, the process will start with oral sedation. The targeted area will be numbed so that the patient does not feel any discomfort. The dentist will proceed in removing the tooth, including the root. It is normal to feel mild soreness once the anesthesia wears off for the next few days. The healing period should conclude within one or two weeks. 

Once your mouth has healed, Dr. Bellegarrigue can restore your missing teeth using a dental implant, dental bridge, or full or partial dentures to give you back a smile you love. 

Once the tooth is extracted and has healed, your oral health should be restored and free of decay and infection. Immediately after the procedure, we may recommend transitioning to softer foods like apple sauce, soft foods, or bananas to minimize discomfort. After you have healed, you can begin to introduce solid foods back into your regular diet. It’s essential to give your smile time to recover after a surgical procedure.

Maintain Your Healthy Smile in North Tampa, FL!

If you suddenly experience tooth pain, have a broken or fractured tooth, or have extensive tooth decay, you may need a tooth extraction at North Tampa Dentistry to preserve your dental health and prevent further tooth or gum damage. Give us a call today at (813) 968-5368 at the first sign of oral pain.