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Reasons You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

April 13, 2022
Posted By: North Tampa Dentistry
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Like most people, you don’t want to think about tooth extraction. But having a tooth pulled by your North Tampa, FL, dentist does not mean you’ll never have a winning smile. Some extractions set you up for an aesthetically pleasing grin.

And if you have a tooth extraction because of decay or bacteria, we offer tooth replacement to restore your smile. Options include dental implants.

4 Reasons You Might Need a Tooth Extraction in North Tampa, FL

#1 Tooth Extractions for Deep Decay and Damage

If you’ve broken your tooth below the gumline or it has suffered extensive damage, an extraction can ease your pain and prevent further complications. In this case, your dentist can talk to you about replacement options, including dental implants.

#2 Before Orthodontics

When the jaw is too small or not proportioned to accommodate every straight tooth, we will discuss an extraction or two before moving forward with orthodontics. This approach leaves you with a better result and a more predictable outcome.

#3 Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can be problematic when they don’t erupt properly or push on neighboring teeth. If this is your situation, your dentist may recommend removal. Fortunately, you don’t need your wisdom teeth for function or aesthetics.

#4 In the Case of Complete Dentures

If your remaining teeth cannot stabilize a partial denture due to weakness or damage, we often recommend extraction followed by complete dentures.

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