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Affordable Tooth Replacement in North Tampa

May 27, 2021
Posted By: North Tampa Dentistry
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Tooth replacement is about so much more than smile appearance. Of course, a full smile can restore confidence and make laughing, speaking, and enjoying meals that much easier. But a full smile also has oral health benefits.

Your dentist in North Tampa offers a full array of tooth replacement options to fit your budget. We also offer a discount dental plan to see you through, and check out some of our specials

Benefits of Tooth Replacement

Besides aesthetics, tooth replacement prevents tooth migration—remaining teeth moving into smile openings—which throws off your bite and puts stress on your teeth and enamel.

One tooth replacement option—dental implants—can also stimulate your jawbone to prevent shrinkage, a common problem when teeth are missing.

A full smile also allows you to chew your food effectively for easier digestion and improve your dietary selection.

Our Tooth Replacement Options

Dental Implants in North Tampa

Dental implants are titanium root replacements that your dentist surgically inserts into your jawbone. After healing and integration finish, we provide you with a dental crown or a prosthetic to complete your smile.

Implants are considered a permanent tooth replacement, and we think they’re a good investment for your future oral health.

Dentures and Partials Near Me

Dentures take over when you have full tooth loss. Partials stand in for sporadic tooth loss. Dentures and partials are the most affordable tooth replacement options in North Tampa. You can opt for removable dentures or implant-supported ones for a more stable finish.

Crowns and Bridges Near Hamlet

Crowns anchor a bridge of replacement teeth (one or two teeth) between healthy remaining teeth. This affordable and fixed option allows you to enjoy your meals again and not worry about slippage or adhesives.

Schedule Your Consultation for Tooth Replacement Today

Our tooth replacement options are always customized to fit your smile and colored to match any remaining teeth. You may also consider a smile makeover, which can include tooth replacement, bonding, crowns, veneers, and more.

We enhance smiles everywhere, including North Tampa, Lake Magdalene, Hamlet, Brentwood, Carrollwood, and Lutz.

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