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Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?

September 20, 2020
Posted By: North Tampa Dentistry
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Sensitive teeth can be annoying and troublesome, especially if they get in the way of thoroughly enjoying your favorite hot or cold treats, like coffee, ice cream, and more.

You may have never had to deal with sensitive teeth before, but now suddenly, you're worried about drinking your favorite latte. You might even be confused about why you're dealing with this dental problem. Your dentist in Tampa, FL can help figure out what the cause could be behind your vexing issue. 

Some common reasons for sensitive teeth include:

Teeth Whitening Gone Bad

In the 21st century, the art of mastering DIY crafts and fixes is abundant. People everywhere benefit from learning how to sew a pocket, fix their houses, and more through online videos and forums.

However, there will always be areas in your life that should only be handled by professionals, like electricity, auto mechanics, and teeth. 

Teeth bleaching is a booming industry, but improper handling and usage can destroy your enamel, gums, and lead to teeth sensitivity. Your professional dentist is the best option for making sure you are safe while you brighten your smile.

Watch What You Eat

Patients might be interested in eating less acidic or hard food that can weaken your enamel. Chewing on ice is also a big no-no as it can easily crack or chip your enamel. 

Don't Brush Too Hard

While we always endorse brushing your teeth, you can easily damage your precious enamel if you brush too hard. Using a soft-bristle brush can also keep your teeth nice and stable. 

Avoiding Sensitive Teeth

At North Tampa Dentistry, we endorse preventive dentistry like dental cleanings in Tampa and help reduce teeth sensitivity. Dr. Roberto Bellegarrigue offers fluoride treatments for patients who have a propensity for cavities. 

Your dentist in Tampa is always here to keep your teeth and gums safe from harmful and painful oral health problems. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. Patients can schedule a dental appointment online on our contact page.

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