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Never Ignore a Toothache

December 29, 2020
Posted By: North Tampa Dentistry
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Are you experiencing tooth pain or unusually sensitive teeth? Ignoring tooth pain can be the reason for a more extensive filling, crown, root canal therapy, or tooth loss. We encourage our North Tampa patients to call us if they are experiencing a dental emergency.

While many bodily aches and pains go away in time, a toothache is always a signal you need medical attention. We do our best to see our patients the same day, so there really isn't an excuse for trying to tough it out.

We can't avoid all dental emergencies; our dental office practices preventive dentistry like teeth cleanings in Tampa to eliminate plaque build-up and identify any oral health issues. 

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Tooth pain

Commonly, tooth pain is an indicator of severe dental issues that could result in a lost tooth if left untreated. Also, toothaches are often not fun at all! If you are experiencing oral pain, here are a few reasons why you should get immediate dental attention:

Gum disease: A common reason for tooth pain is an untreated gum disease that has affected the soft tissue and tooth. The sooner we can treat this, the better our chances are of saving your tooth.

Cavities: Tooth pain can indicate tooth decay, which is inflammation of your nerves and tissues within your tooth. Delaying treatment could allow decay to spread to other teeth and even other parts of your body. 

Pain: Living with pain is terrible for your health and well-being. Tooth pain can make it difficult to work, sleep, eat, or just be happy. The first thing we do during your emergency dental appointment is to manage your pain so you can relax and focus. 

Don't Wait if You Have a Toothache

Call your emergency dentist in North Tampa right away to schedule a same-day appointment. 

We are always happy to serve our North Tampa, Hamlet, Brentwood, and Carrollwood communities. 

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