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What can I do about my constant bad breath?

Bad breath is often the silent killer of social lives and romantic relationships. While many cases of bad breath can be eliminated with a good brushing and flossing, other cases never seem to go away.

Some bad breath comes from untreated gum disease, which can be treated dentally. Other forms of bad breath come from our stomachs. Proper, healthy diets and addressing acid reflux can often help with the latter.   

At North Tampa Dentistry, we are happy to help with this. 

Neglecting Your Oral Hygiene Creates Bad Breath

When you don't brush and floss teeth every day, food particles and debris can attach to your teeth, gums, and tongue. This causes bad breath but can be easily fixed through diligent brushing and flossing, including brushing the roof of your mouth and your tongue.

Additionally, ill-fitting dentures can create bad breath since they can be challenging to keep clean.

If you smoke, your teeth will not only become stained, your breath will be noticeable and unpleasant. 

Treating Your Bad Breath

Dental cleanings in Tampa are the best way to remove plaque buildup and keep your teeth clean.

Your dentist will be able to examine your teeth to identify any underlying issues like gum disease or decay during your dental checkup in Tampa, FL. 

Do You Have Bad Breath That Won't Go Away?

Teeth cleanings are our first line of defense to help your mouth remain clean and fresh. We are happy to serve our neighbors in Hamlet, Brentwood, and Carrollwood.

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