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How often should I floss?

Brushing and flossing your teeth is an essential part of prevention, including regular dental exams and teeth cleanings in our Tampa dental office. 

Preventive dentistry and an excellent at-home routine are crucial to long-term oral health. And it is always a partnership between patients and dental professionals. 

Dr. Belle recommends the following: 

  • Visit your dentist twice yearly for exams and teeth cleanings.
  • Brush and floss at least twice daily and always before bed.
  • Reduce sugary and acidic foods and drinks. 
  • Contact your dentist if you have concerns between office visits.

Prevention keeps you smiling comfortably for life by reducing your risks for preventable conditions. And good oral hygiene in conjunction can save you time and money in the long run. 

However, the way you clean your teeth is also important. You should spend time on every surface and use a clean strip of floss every time you move on to the next tooth. It's also important to be gentle. You should never force your floss. Instead, move against the natural curves of your teeth to the gumline. 

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