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My tooth is broken and it's starting to hurt. What will I need to do to fix my tooth?

Your teeth remain the strongest material in your body. Yet, despite their strength, they are still vulnerable to injury, disease, or infection.

The familiar whiter surface of your teeth is called enamel. Underneath the enamel is a yellowish level called dentin that makes up the bulk of your tooth. 

If you travel beyond the dentin, you will get to the pulp layer, which contains nerves and blood vessels. Even a small crack can expose dentin and pulp to harmful bacteria. 

Once a tooth starts to feel painful, there is likely nerve damage. As long as there is enough tooth structure to work with, it can be saved by undergoing two treatments. First, a root canal is done to remove nerve tissue from the tooth, so it no longer hurts, and the second is a dental crown procedure to restore the tooth to full function.

There Are Several Options to Heal Broken Teeth

A broken or damaged tooth may not always require a root canal treatment to treat it. Instead, we can rely on dental crowns for stability and protection.

Dental crowns are the only dental restoration that completely covers your tooth all the way to the gumline. Tooth crowns can repair and protect a damaged tooth that cannot be resolved with fillings, veneers, and onlays.

Dental crowns can reinforce a weakened tooth and hold it together. Since they encompass the tooth, they can protect against tooth decay and infection. They can endure the pressure of chewing and biting without falling apart.

When to See Your General Dentist

Breaking or damaging your tooth can be considered a dental emergency. If you are experiencing tooth pain, you should give your general dentist a call as soon as you can. We can help manage your pain and treat your tooth.

Toothaches in Tampa is our business. We can help! Schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Belle when you are available.

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