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Dental Implants

When teeth have been compromised by cavities, sometimes the best solution is to have it removed. Luckily, teeth that have been dentally extracted can be replaced.

Tooth Replacement For Decayed Teeth

For this situation, the patient could not salvage the molars. This patient had damaged molars beyond possible repair. Dr. Belle extracted the molars and replaced them with dental implants. See how the implant looks in the gums. It is a secured solution and helps eating and smiling.

Get Your Missing Teeth Replaced

At North Tampa Dentistry, we care about your teeth, and want to provide a smile you're proud of. Don't shy way from pictures anymore, schedule online or call us today. Our office is by Lake Magdalene, Hamlet, Brentwood, Carrollwood, and Lutz.

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Dental Implants
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